I, the artist of sand animation Ekaterina Dzyuba, am glad to welcome you on my personal site!

Being a professional musician and artist, I want to say that it was love for music and a huge interest in drawing that led me to such an amazing kind of art as Sand animation, where both talents merge into a single whole.

My biography: participation and victories in numerous competitions and sand animation festivals, participation in exhibitions of sand graphics, the creation of the own Art studio and methods for drawing by sand, various creative meetings and Masterclasses, creating sand concerts for an adult audience and sandy performances for children…

But the most important thing for me as an Artist is to show and express PRIMAL through the magic of sand and not leave any spectator indifferent!

Paulo Coelho as one of my favorite writers said: ”He is capable of seeing what is beautiful because he carries beauty within himself, for the world is a mirror and gives back to each man the reflection of his own face”.