Each kind of art is a dialog of an artist with the world…

And mine starts from my childhood when my mother brought me to the School of Arts. You might think that I started drawing there, but I began playing. In the beginning I achieved my musical potential, I became a pianist, and my life filled with music, its consistence and ways of expression. There were lots of concerts, festivals, performances in my life before the sand. Being a professional musician I was utterly pleased of what I did, and I could not think of life without art at all.

Art of drawing came later when I realised I could express my feeling not only through sound by through pictures made by my hand as well. And I started drawing. At first, there were many different pictures made by pencils, crayons and pastel. Then I switched to oil painting.

Many images were made up, but I always tempted to graphics and pencils. I drew shapes and faces ove and over again in order to get closer to their structure and applicable techniques.
What was the outset of MY sand drawing? I found grandpa’s glass at the attic, painted it white, fixed the lamp under the table and brought some river sand. That was it!

From that on a new creativity wave consumed me, and I did not even realised it then. All I had was an irresistible wish to draw and create every day but not with a pencil and not on paper.

For the time being the world of sand art is my life. And every day I start as I always did before from scratch. The only change are materials – a sand table instead of paper and bulk material instead of paint. And what is the most important for every true artist – I wish to create! I wish to be practical, necessary and bring light and beauty through my vocation.
You can find chronology of my artistic journey below. And I am happy about those who read it now, just because they managed to get to know this beautiful and astonishing world.

Thank you my beloved spectator!

My create way:

Was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Education: the School of Arts, College of Music, University of the Arts, Ukraine.

2005 – work in the Theater and studies in an artistic professional studio. (Participation in exhibitions).

2011 – starts to master the genre of sand art
First participation and victory in the Sand Animation competition.

2012 – Participation in the exhibition of sand graphics.


  • Participants and winners in the international competition of the sand animation “Behavior” (Ukraine)
  • Presentation of the sand video for a company “Vinyl Tech” (Canada)
  • Participation in the charity fund “Mother + Me”
  • creating pictures in the technique of sand animation


  • Opening of the international violin Competition of Kogan (Ukraine)
  • Creation of an image film for the company “Supplywood” (Canada)
  • Opening of the Gala Concert in honor of Independence Day (Turkey)


  • the creation of the sand film “Imam Shamil” (Israel)
  • the creation of the Sand project for children “Alice in Wonderland” (Tours to the cities of Ukraine)
  • Tours with the Sand Christmas Program (Germany)
  • Opening of the Gala Concert in the Congress Center (Innsbruck, Austria)


  • Participation in the opening of the exhibition in honor of the world famous artist Ivan Marchuk
  • the creation and presentation of the Sand Concert “The Four Seasons” A. Vivaldi, together with the Simphony Orchestra (Ukraine)
  • tour with the symphony orchestra in Ukraine
  • Presentation of the sand stories to the music of Astor Piazzolla, together with chamber orchestra
  • The creation of the Sand Children’s Performance “The Adventures of Pinocchio” with the participation of leading actors and chamber orchestras
  • Christmas tour of the cities in France.


  • work in Elbarkaden Sand Theater ( Hamburg, Germany)
  • creating of the new sand show „Musicals of the world“

2018 – participation in the TV Project „Das Supertalent“ (Deutschland )