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Every birthday makes us older, but it’s not a cause for sadness! Every year we grow, develop, gain experience and make new friends! And this is an excellent occasion to meet friends, have fun, and maybe make your lifelong dreams come true.

We approach each birthday individually; your sand story will be only yours! All birthdays are very different, but they are common in one: a very special atmosphere of unity, warmth, meetings of close to the bone. All this we can convey in our show!


To create an unforgettable corporate, we propose to come up with an individual sand story to order, considering all your wishes. The story of your company by the hands of the artist will be an unforgettable moment on your holiday. You’ll only have to be there and enjoy the excellent result!


The wedding always consists of three choices. The first one you have already done, you’ve chosen each other. The second is to choose the day of your marriage. And the third is to choose professionals who will help you make this day the happiest one!

Your first meeting, the first date, the first kiss will become alive in the hands of the artist and will be an unforgettable moment of your wedding!


A jubilee is an important event, a reporting point, a definite milestone in the life of every person. It is important to surround yourself with beloved and faithful people this day, express their gratitude for the way they have traveled with you, remember the brightest joint events of life. The jubilee celebration should be exclusive, as every person in this world is unique! We will be able to draw your life journey and to give everyone a good mood!

Video presentation

We offer bright and unique sand videos – promo, developed including all preferences of the Customer. From the video greeting to your company’s advertising. To create an exclusive video gift, you just only have to contact us!


The word “portrait” comes from the French word, which means “to reproduce something exactly the same”. Your video portrait drawn from a million grains of sand in minutes by the artist is a very peculiar decision how to surprise your loved ones and friends!